Join us!

We would love to have you join our chapter! Our members share knowledge, grow professionally, raise security awareness and advance information security throughout our local communities. We seek to enable every member to earn CPEs by participating in professional activities (if applicable) and participate in co-sponsored events with other industry associations. We believe strongly in local community outreach projects (public service) to educate people about information security. Every member must commit to abide by the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics.

The (ISC)2 Denver Chapter recognizes the following member types:

Paying your annual dues through Zelle will automatically register you as a Denver Chapter member.

Dues of $25 apply to Student, Associate, and Regular members. Corporate members are governed by the Chapter Sponsorship Agreement.

Please include an email address and your ISC2 number in the notes of your submission. Zelle only provides a first and last name of a sender, and we would like to add you to our email list for future events.

Dues shall be payable in full on January first of each year. Members elected during the year shall, within two weeks from the date of receipt of a Notice of Election, pay dues for the current period. New members paying their first dues during the last quarter (October, November, or December) of a year will be considered paid through the following year. Dues should be paid with Zelle®.

If you're not currently a member, we'll be notified of your payment and will automatically add you.